5 Types Of Party Wear Diamond Jewellery

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery

Party Wear Diamond Jewellery - KisnaDiamond jewellery can mean different things to different people. For some, it may be just a piece of accessories and for some, it may be a part of their identity. Diamonds are often used as a representation of a lifetime of love and commitment. To the extent that buying someone diamonds is synonymous with buying an engagement ring for them. It’s because the ring symbolises togetherness for a lifetime just like the shine of diamonds that never fades.

Then there are certain pieces of jewellery that aren’t meant for daily use, you reserve them for special occasions. Partygoers would relate that one of the best aspects of attending a party is to dress up for it. The right diamond ring flower design can make you the centre of attention at any party. Flowers are loved and appreciated by all. Incorporating a floral design in a diamond-studded ring is sure to turn heads wherever you go.  Here are our 5 favourite picks of party wear rings and earrings that will surely be the most special ones in your jewellery collection.

1. Lusita Diamond Ring:
Nothing says classy like a diamond ring design that is simple yet hard to miss. The motif of this ring is designed specially to pair up well with all your elegant evening outfits. The diamonds on this ring are placed carefully around each other and encased in a floral design made of gold making it the most perfect diamond flower ring and our top pick on the list.

2. Ahuti Diamond Earrings:
Earrings are those pieces of jewellery that do not just enhance the look of your outfit but also play a role in shaping your face. The shape and bling of the diamonds can drive attention towards your favourite facial features. Hence, choosing the right pair of flower diamond earrings is crucial for an important event. Ahuti earring set is the kind of set that would look perfect with all kinds of attire- be it a saree or a little black dress.

3. Lyra Diamond Earrings:
If you are looking for a set of contemporary earrings, Lyra diamond earrings are just the right choice for you. They sport a very chic and modern design that pairs extremely well with western outfits. These perfect pairs of dangling earrings can add a mysterious touch of excellence to your entire look. When paired with the right diamond flower pendant, you can make a whole set of your own and flaunt it at your next big party. 

4. Ramani Diamond Earrings:
Who doesn’t admire floral diamond earrings? The three petal design of this ring is what sets it apart from other floral arrangements. This gorgeous piece of jewellery featuring stunning diamonds can instantly transform a great outfit into a breathtaking one. These earrings on their own are an absolute stunner so you don’t have to worry about pairing them with other pieces of jewellery. Just slip this stunning pair on and watch it earn compliments for you!

5. Etash Diamond Ring:
You don’t necessarily need someone to give you a diamond ring, the joy of getting yourself a gorgeous diamond ring is unparalleled. A lot of people choose to wear silver or gold on their fingers but if you want to leave a lasting impression on the guests at a party, floral diamond rings are the best choice for you. Rings with diamonds encrusted on them look sophisticated and elegant especially at parties where it’s all about glamour and bling.

These designs are very versatile, adding a few pieces of precious diamond jewellery to your personal collection can keep you stress-free, especially when looking for the right accessories for any of your special occasions.

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