Buying & Price Guide

Consider the occasion!

What is the purpose of this jewellery?

Before beginning with the buying process, it is of utmost importance to understand the purpose of buying this new beautiful piece of jewellery. Whether casual, occasional, or ceremonial, it is no secret that all jewellery serves a specific purpose; hence, it is significant to understand the meaning and narrow down the options. With personal opinion affecting the decision of casual buying, occasional or ceremonial may require the help of your family and friends. Whether for gifting purposes or the desire to wear this diamond-studded jewellery personally, answering these questions will help narrow down the options and find a few select ones worth the deal.

What type of jewellery are you looking for?
Before finalising the jewellery and figuring out the purpose, it is crucial to figure out what type of jewellery you are looking for. Bold, classic, chic, minimalist, heavy, single diamond, clustered, traditional, modern, etc., are some types of jewellery designs distinguished based on their intrinsic characteristics. Whether an engagement ring or a casual pendant, a daily wear bracelet or a token of love to your loved one in the form of gold and solitaire, knowing the type of jewellery you are looking for helps you finalise the ideal type without adding on the confusion.

What is your budget?
After figuring out the purpose and the type of jewellery you are looking for, it is time to set the budget and find something that suits your needs in the best way possible. Whether you are looking for something extraordinary regardless of the price range or are trying to find something modest that fits your budget and speaks for itself, figuring out the budget range beforehand helps with making intelligent choices worth the value. Choose the type of diamond you want based on the right combination of 4C’s and narrow down the best in that range. Check for the certification, policy, price and other specifications. Once you are assured of the jewellery, you are good to go for the deal!

Check the certifications and specifications thoroughly!
Whether you are buying a diamond for the first time or you already have an exclusive collection of exquisite diamond jewellery for yourself, it is of utmost importance to thoroughly check for the certifications and gradings before making the purchase. Diamonds may look similar but differ drastically from mere cuts to grades and purity. Thus, ensure that you are getting yourself into a transparent deal and the source of certifications are reliable. The same is for gold, and it is of utmost importance to check for the accreditation that claims the purity and authenticity of gold and diamond before buying. The BIS Hallmark claims the authenticity of gold, whereas GIA and SGL are prestigious laboratories certifying diamonds' quality. Thus, by ensuring the quality through certification and going through specifications like size, shape, design, model, metal type, diamond-type, colour, etc., you can rest assured about the purchase and await your pack of happiness after placing your order.

The significance of 4C’s that determines the price!
The 4C’s of the diamond, which include the colour, cut, clarity and carat, play a very prominent role when picking the perfect diamond jewellery. It not only helps with finding out the right jewellery but also helps with understanding the pricing policy. Whether buying a solitaire or cluster of diamond-studded jewellery, understanding the 4C’s of it will help you analyse the quality and make a wise decision.

What do the 4C’s signify, and how to differentiate them?
1. Colour- It is hard to differentiate the colour or shade of the diamond from the naked eye; however, it does play a significant role in determining the pricing of the diamond. Based on the colour, the diamonds are generally graded alphabetically in this way,

● D-F: Colourless
● G-J: Nearly colourless
● K-M: With slight tints
● N-R: Very light yellow
● S-Z: Very light yellow or brown

2. Cut- If you are looking for a larger diamond or solitaire, it is essential to look for the cuts rather than the colour, as it will help you find a better deal. Combining it with the suitable colour gold, whether white, yellow or rose, will help change the diamond's shade distinctively. Some popular diamond cuts are Round, Cushion, Emerald, Princess, Baguette, Oval, Marquise, and Trillion. However, the list goes on!

3. Clarity- Diamonds are further classified based on the clarity it reflects. The diamonds are divided into the clarity categories as follows:
● High Clarity- FL (Completely Flawless)
● Medium clarity
VVS1, VVS2 (Very, very slightly included)
VS1, VS2
● Lower clarity- SI1, I1, I2 and I3

4. Carat- Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. It plays a significant role in determining the price. However, it may lose some weight after polishing; thus, it is essential to ask the jeweller for the final weight after getting it polished or studded into the jewellery while buying.

Rest assured about the purchase with Kisna!
With certified 14k and 18k pure gold, the colour of gold metal differs between Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold at Kisna. Apart from that, the type of certified diamonds used for designing this elegant jewellery is SI-HI and VVS-FG. Committing to serving with the highest quality jewellery, we, at Kisna, strive to make the most authentic, pure and perfect piece of delicate designs available in the form of different jewellery like nose pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, bangles, etc.

Redefining the buying experience, we assure top-quality diamond, gold and complete support throughout the process. With an extensive range of jewellery options to choose from, we at Kisna have several specifications that differ from jewellery to jewellery. Thus, before placing the order from your side, it is essential to go through the details thoroughly and rest assured about the purchase after that!