8 Must Have Earrings To Wear Along With Face Masks

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
Buy Casual Diamond Earrings OnlineRight after adapting to the lockdown life, are you ready to dive straight into the post-lockdown life where face masks and social distancing are essentials? In the new normal life, wearing a face mask and carrying hand sanitizers are the essential accessories to stay safe.

We all know that face masks are for our good and safety, but along with face masks comes the struggle of tangling your casual diamond earrings from the strap of your face mask. Now, if you are feeling sad for your earrings, think about what face masks have done to diamond nose pins.

So does this mean that the pandemic has put an end to casual diamond earrings? Check out our eight aesthetic earring styles to wear along with face masks -     

1. Diamond Swag Earring
The Diamond Swag Earring is our perfect down-to-earth take on the classic glamour style! This 18-karat earring promises comfort and delivers comfort along with the safety of the mask. The pin of the earring and its 36 real diamonds will stay away from the strap of your face mask. 100%.

2. Heart and Soul Earring
Are you looking to purchase a simple and casual diamond earring that hugs your earlobe tightly? Then your quest ends here! Present yourself with the affluent Heart and Soul Earring, the 1.92 gms of lightweight will fit perfectly with your earlobes and far away from your mask. The perfect earring to stay safe and stylish!

3. Twilight Diamond Earring
First, it was hairbands, then specs, and now masks! Women with long hair have got 99 problems but choosing the perfect earring that coordinates with your mask is not going to be the one. Check out our Twilight Diamond Earring, designed for solace.

4. Infinity Earring
Flaunt the 1.3 Cm tall classic yet every day wear diamond earring studded with 12 diamonds for an effortlessly charming look. The Infinity Earring has a delicate design that is the best buy for someone concerned about the sustainability of the jewellery.

5. Enhanced Curve Earring 
Is chic your thing?
Get home the dainty Enhanced Curve Earring. The 1.15 gms lightweight earring is subtle yet stylish to wear along with your face mask.
Bonus: This is the perfect earring for you if you colour coordinate your outfits.

6. Leaf Earring
Women with delicate skin and sensitive ears have been struggling with casual diamond earring long before the pandemic. After thorough research and designs, we bring forward the Leaf Earrings for safe and comfortable every day wear.

7. Inter Swirl Diamond Earring
If your day consists of a lot of walking and movements, then heavy jewellery is a STRAIGHT NO. Present yourself with the versatile yet lightweight Inter Swirl Diamond Earring that will remove all the bumps in your way with its glint.

8. Crown Earring
We saved the best casual diamond earring for last. Who doesn’t enjoy creating a statement without any effort? Shop the Crown Earring to enhance your simple outfit into something special without worrying about the two getting intertwined. We all are experiencing something that we never thought. Let’s all stay strong together and fight the pandemic by following the WHO-guidelines for everyone’s safety.

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish!

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