Bridal Jewellery For Intimate Lockdown Wedding 2020

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
Bridal Jewellery For Intimate Lockdown

This lockdown has written a whole new script to the year which we were excited to call the Best Year - 2020’. Who could’ve imagined that the world would come to a stand-still exactly like in the ‘Apocalypto’ movie you watched the other day. Things have evidently changed, and certainly it’s changed one thing that would change people’s lifelong memories going forward. Yes, we are talking about Weddings. We could have never imagined that we Indians would ever plan a wedding ceremony with fewer than 50 guests, where everyone is practising social distancing norms throughout the ceremony. But here we are!

The pandemic constrained everyone inside their houses. But we are Indians, we know how to have a great time given any situation. The lockdown enlighted us with the real meaning of a wedding - to celebrate the spirit of romance and traditions with close friends and family. After 4 months of nationwide lockdown and adapting to the new normal life, we are capable to plan and execute an intimate Indian wedding while practising all the safety hazards and norms.

We know that the core of an Indian wedding is its ceremonies, beautiful long lehengas, the tasty food and last but not the least, real diamond jewellery! To make sure that you have one memorable wedding, we have listed down our timeless and elegant fashion diamond earrings and celestial wedding rings that will amplify your small wedding with a big celebration!

1. Romantic and Dreamy Rings:
When looking for a wedding ring, the bride should always consider her personal style and lifestyle. For your lockdown-wedding, explore dainty fashion diamond rings online. Dainty rings might be less attention-grabbing from distance, but they consist of more intricate designs with more opportunity for the craftsman to show their talent within a small space. If we talk about intricate designs, our best seller - Crowning Glory Ring is the one that pops in everyone’s minds. Details make this piece a structural work of art.

Our Joy Ring is the perfect wedding ring for brides with a cool-girl ethos. If you are looking for a modern masterpiece, then the Dazzling Beauty Ring is what you are looking for! The elegant, romantic, and definitely swoon-worthy real diamond ring.

2. Ethereal and Elegant Earrings:
Choosing the perfect wedding earrings is a big task. During the search, the bride should always pay attention to unique design elements. Shop for diamond rings online that will give your wedding dress a distinctive feel and contemporary edge. Designs with elegant stones that are comfortable to wear and elevate the magnificence of your wedding dress. Get yourself, Hall Of Fame Earring - The earring that sparkles when it gets in contact with light.

If you don’t enjoy sparkly earrings but are a fan of contemporary arts, then don’t worry, we have the perfect piece for you. Shop the Dazzling Square Earring, the earring that renders a contemporary vibe. A wedding is about making a statement. Statement for love with elegance and sophistication. Explore our eccentric Glory collection, to shop for a truly elegant statement earring. All brides are the centre of attraction of every wedding, the fact remains the same for lockdown weddings. Complete your diva look with glorious real diamond jewellery.

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