Fine Jewellery Vs Chunky Jewellery 2020

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
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Jewellery, jewellery, and more jewellery! Apart from being a staple fashion item in our wardrobe, jewellery is one of the integral elements of our lifestyle. Some of the jewellery designers and artists are coming up with the designs and patterns that are new and novel in nature whilst some of them are coming up with the mix and fusion of the traditional and modern designs. All said and done, our love for jewellery is unmatched and we are quite unapologetic about it as it makes us look beautiful and gives us a sense of confidence and an alluring charm every single day.

But with the changing times and revolution of fashion and style, jewellery items have been divided into the selection of fine jewellery and chunky jewellery. The pick of the styles and patterns between fine and chunky depends upon one’s fashion fancies, choices, comfort levels, and type of occasion. If you like understated elegance of the finer designs and patterns, then fine jewellery is for you. And if you like to make a bold statement, then chunky jewellery is for you. The choice depends of one’s fashion fancies.

Chunky Jewellery options on the front of modern designs include thick Diamond Hoop Earrings, golden thick hoops, heavy neckpieces, stacked rings, thick bangles, and raised diamond rings, and stacked bracelets adorned with the chunky watch. They are ruling the roost of fashion and style and the trend is equally loved by women as its stylish, over the top, and makes them make a bold statement at every social gathering. But mind you, refrain from wearing chunky pieces at your regular work place or corporate events as they are strictly for parties and casual outings with your family and friends. Pair modern chunky jewellery with your fashion attires such as jumpsuits, evening gowns, indo western or half sarees, and dresses to make a lasting impression on one and all in the most enigmatic and stylish manner.

Traditional Jewellery is usually chunky in nature as they are to be worn at family functions and social gatherings complementing the attires such as lehengas, sarees, anarkali suits, shararas, and more.

Fine Jewellery pieces such as Studs Diamond Earrings, fine rings, fine bracelets, and chains never go out of fashion and realms of style as they make you look high on the spheres of minimalistic fashion and style. Such pieces are apt for corporate and formal affairs along with daily office wear. Pair them with attires such as a corporate suit, shirts and pants, dresses, and kurtis with leggings or palazzos. Every girl and a woman have her closet full with the Real Diamond Jewellery in the mix of fine and chunky designs.

We at Kisna Diamond Jewellery offer an array of fine and chunky design options in varied designs and patterns making you attain the edge of bling in the most stylish manner. You can Buy Diamond Jewellery Online on our online store.

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