Riti Latest Collection Added In Kisna S Dynasty

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
Latest Riti Collection - Kisna

We are very ecstatic to announce you all that, a new collection is being added to our Kisna Dynasty i.e. Riti Collection. Under this jewellery brigade, one can view Ring Collection for Women, Mangalsutra, and Earring as well.. It’s a lightweight eccentric collection crafted in glistening yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold in both 18K and 14K respectively. Also in this collection, there are pieces of jewellery available in diverse varieties such that you will have a party time styling each piece with your outfit of the day. Certain versatile jewellery is also exceptional for gifting purposes.

'Riti Collection consists of an impeccable range of designs are crafted using new-age workmanship, and incorporates your belief, beauty, and resilience.' Especially this collection focuses on the women, who want to embrace their present with grace, strength and, love.

Let’s quickly glance through these new designs that have been added to the collection:

1. Aarna MangalsutraThe perfect 'Ashton Diamond Ring' will adorn your everyday appearance. Crafted in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, this rings will go fairly light on your hand as well as your wallet. Ring collection for women are truly breathtaking and exuding an elegance that is simply magnificent. Also, you can customize the ring in several formats with no extra charges. With its elegant mix of intricate patterns and contemporaneous crafting, this ring will make the absolute ethno-contemporary extension to your jewel box.

2. Orla Earring: An Orla Earring designed for women to wear on an everyday basis. It appends the appropriate volume of oomph factor to your outfit without drawing unnecessary eyeballs. Be a true captivating beauty with our latest Ring Collection for Women. It's extremely lightweight, crafted using impeccable proficiency, and it'll give you a comprehensive addition to your ensemble at the start of something new.

3. Aarna Mangalsutra: Our Aarna Mangalsutra will be an irreplaceable part of your Diamond Mangalsutra Collection. These type of designs are quite popular among modern women. Apart from the traditional black beads, these Aarna mangalsutras have a beautiful diamond-studded pendant in white, rose and yellow gold. One can swirl this magenta stones and can add a modern touch to the journey you begin on.

4. Zarina MangalsutraOne of the most recent trends in Diamond Mangalsutra Collection has been our 'Zarina Mangalsutra'. It looks unconditionally stunning and utterly modern. Right from modern diamond pendants to traditional pendants, you can select any design as per your liking. If you want to give a modern twist to this already modern mangalsutra, you can get it done in white rose and yellow gold also. Zarina Mangalsutra is the best budget-friendly sutra for your daily ensemble. As you set your scenes on the opportunities ahead, bring home Zarina Mangalsutra that utterly complement what you stand for, with their striking design and sophisticated motifs.

5. Emily RingCarefully placed diamond's flower in the centre of our Emily Ring is nothing but a short of wondrous. This enchanting diamond ring carries out an unparalleled beauty that is both contemporary and retrospective of the grace. Women's can be sure to add this touch of perfection to any outfit also in the Ring Collection for Women as well.

With Riti Collection, we bring you creations in Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra Collection that are contemporaneous, one-of-a-kind, and can absolutely accompany your new beginning. So check out all the jewellery design of Riti Collection. It has diamond jewellery and gold, white and rose jewellery designs that just fit the occasion flawlessly.

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