Ultimate Guide for Buying Diamond Gold Mangalsutra for an Indian Bride

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
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A mangalsutra holds immense importance for a Hindu woman. This gold chain with black beads and a diamond pendant is much more important than an ordinary piece of jewellery for any married Indian woman. Symbolising the start of new a life, new beginnings- a mangalsutra is a representation of the union of two souls. It is the most precious ornament for a woman and she carries it with her after her marriage for the rest of her life.

There are a lot of variations, designs and patterns available in the market when it comes to diamond mangalsutra sets. Such an important piece of jewellery needs all the time, research and attention before buying. To simplify your process of shopping and help you buy a diamond mangalsutra online, the experts at kisna have put together a list of common mistakes you must avoid when buying a mangalsutra.

1.Not Paying Enough Attention to All the Elements of the Mangalsutra
Every element of the mangalsutra must be considered while buying the jewellery that you will proudly carry for the rest of your life. Let us discuss each element in-depth for a better understanding. Length: It is important to decide how long you want your mangalsutra to be well in advance. In certain cultures, it is considered a good sign when the mangalsutra is long enough to hide the pendant in the clothing. While other people prefer a fancy mangalsutra that is short like a gold chain with a pendant. At Kisna, you will find diamond mangalsutra online that has lengths ranging from 16 inches to 36 inches.

Clasp: The clasp is the piece of metal that holds both ends of the mangalsutra together and sits at the back of your neck. The strength and durability of the claps will define the security of the mangalsutra. Make sure that it is strong enough to not break, but also keep it easy for you to put on the mangalsutra or remove it.

Colour of the Metal: When it comes to diamond mangalsutra online, there are various colour options of the metal to choose from. Kisna diamond mangalsutra offers three different colour options to choose from- elegant white gold, traditional yellow gold and the unmistakable gorgeous rose gold. If you are someone who wants your mangalsutra to have a modern touch, you can go for the white or rose gold colour.

The Number of Strings: Get a clear idea of how thick you want your mangalsutra to be. Keep in mind that the number of strings will impact the sturdiness of your mangalsutra. The more the number of strings, the more will be the weight of the mangalsutra. Your neckline might also impact how thick the chain of your mangalsutra should be.

2. Choose the Pendant Design Carefully
Diamond mangalsutra online has a lot of variety in designs, patterns and styles to choose from. You can either go for a traditional look or choose one with a more contemporary design. Depending on how often you are going to wear the mangalsutra, you can choose the pendant design accordingly. If you choose to wear your mangalsutra on a daily basis, them choosing a simple, subtle design of the pendant makes perfect sense. However, if you only wish to wear it on special occasions then getting a traditional one can be a better option.

3. Keep Your Budget in Mind
Thinking of the budget while shopping is never fun. But for once in a lifetime purchase like a gold mangalsutra with diamonds embedded in it, it becomes essential to think about the budget. Keeping the brides choice in mind and taking her preferences into consideration and setting a clear budget can help you find the perfect mangalsutra for yourself. To make your budget shopping journey a lot easier, Kisna offers a filter on the website that you can use to set the price filter according to your choice. Buy a diamond mangalsutra online from Kisna by setting the appropriate price, colour, diamond clarity, gold purity filter to make your mangalsutra shopping a lot easier.

While shopping for a piece of jewellery that holds so much importance to you, do not get carried away by the latest trends on social media. Trends may come and go but the purity and elegance of a subtle diamond mangalsutra set stay unchanged. Use these simple tips from Kisna to get a diamond mangalsutra price that is both versatile and timeless.

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