5 Jewellery Styles To Slay The Summer Look

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
5 Jewellery In Summer - Kisna Diamond & Gold JewellerySummer look is all about feeling the happy vibes with unplanned brunches with your folks - wearing airy fabrics and marrying the dress with some light jewellery to add that touch of completion.

It is indeed the most pleasant time of the year where you can explore and experiment with your look and style since the days are your companion for a longer time and evenings shy away into the night leaving behind a sense of ease.

So, take full advantage of this season and balance out your fashion karma with minimal fashion that will fluently help you slay any look you desire this summer.

Here, we have segmented your favourite real diamond jewellery pieces that’ll assist you to go WOW!

1.Minimal Design Diamond Pendant:
Long walks at the beach in your floral dress, romantic dinner with your partner or burning your calories off on dancefloor with your girlfriends are few of the perfect ways to spend your summer - but hey, don’t you go overboard with that bling-bling!

To strike the perfect pose for your selfie, we suggest you go for the minimal diamond pendant designs like Diamond cluster pendant, Three petal earring or Spring Curve Ring - these pendants compliment the dress without making you look over-accessorized. Shop these diamond jewellery online, so you can scale up your ‘Hot Summer Look!’

2. Classy Diamond Hoop Earrings:
Remember the times when you are standing in front of your closet wondering ‘What should I wear?!’ and we eventually end up picking up that comfort wear. Yes, we all have been in those situations, haven’t we?

Hoop earrings are just the same but cuter!

These diamond hoop earrings are an all-time classic jewellery piece that should be a must-have earring piece. Hoop earrings are versatile jewellery element which can be worn at a night out party where you can shine on the dancefloor. Trinity earring goes well with either a chill party scene or a formal setting. For extravagant night party wear, choose Catbird tiny earring which is trendy and classy.

3. Jewellery Inspired by ‘Sea’:
Summer is the best time to display your collection of pearls and coral jewellery pieces. Pearls add to you glow the best during the golden hours of the summer when the rays settle on your face for a peck, leaving nothing but an authentic look that can be well mistaken for a fine Picasso’s masterpiece. And, if your mood drifts towards floating on a yacht with your loved one, then Sailboat wave ring is a pair you shouldn’t go without.

To find more inspiration - shop online at find the prefect daily wear diamond rings for you!

4. Bright Colours Nose Ring:
‘Tiny things can work wonders’ and nose rings are a most-underrated piece of jewellery one can ever have. Wearing a nose ring is like an icing on the cake. It’s handy and can extend any attire’s impact anytime, anywhere.

Add Siya diamond nose ring to your minimalistic-summer style and see it work its magic subtly slaying it! So, without further ado - buy diamond nose pins at Kisna diamond

5. Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery:
The subtle shade of Rose Gold Diamond Jewellery headlines the summer evenings. Afterhours perfectly setup the saturated hue for the Diamond to shine without holding back its light.

Rose gold pendants and earrings are one of the accessories from the gamut of the Kisna jewellery, you can also get your hands on Twilight diamond pendant which is a perfect blend of rose gold and diamond jewellery.

So, without wasting much time add these sparkling gems to make summertime magical!


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