5 Steps For Finding The Ideal Couple Engagement Ring To Make Your Day Specials

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
Couple Engagement Ring

You fell in love with your partner and now you are making it official. What’s more beautiful than two people beginning their lives together? And there’s no better way to express your love than an engagement ring. But choosing a perfect engagement ring is not an easy task, is it? There are so many parameters to consider and concerns about quality. Well, worry not because we are here to help you.

Selecting the couple diamond rings for engagement is exciting as well as confusing. In this blog article, we will help you find the ideal couple engagement ring for your loved ones by guiding you regarding what things to look for depending on your style and preferences. So let’s begin.

1. Decide What Kind of Ring Design You Want
An engagement ring is the eternal symbol of love that stays forever. Therefore, choosing a perfect ring design is probably the most important step. Whether you are surprising your partner or choosing the ring together, select the diamond ring design which defines their beauty and personality. Ask yourself - Do I want my partner to wear only a diamond ring or a combination of diamond and gold? Should it be simple or highly sophisticated? Should we both have the same type of rings or different? These questions will give you clarity about your design aspects.

Kisna has marvellous couple diamond rings for engagement to give you awesome choices. Our ethereal collection of engagement rings consists of Kate, John, Ivana, Xavier Diamond Ring, etc. Your partner might like rings that are distinct and attract attention or he/she might want to have a ring that is minimalistic yet gorgeous. Understand the personality of your partner; it will make your ring choosing decision easier.

2. Choose the Diamond Shape in the Ring
Diamonds raise the beauty and glam of the engagement ring so their shape and aesthetic matter very much. Select which type of diamond shape best describes your partner and it will complement their as well as your style. Some people prefer a single big diamond in the ring, some like clusters while others prefer a dazzling blend of diamonds carved in gold. Kisna’s Sophie, Jennifer and Alfredo Diamond Rings are mesmerising with versatile shapes.

3. Consider the Quality & Metal Type
Not just the style and design, the couple diamond rings need to be selected based on quality and metal type. Always try to buy the best quality of diamonds but we understand that the budget might be an issue for some. However, select from SI-HI or VVS-FG type of diamonds that have the top grade diamond quality for your engagement ring. Similarly, metal type amplifies the spark in the diamond ring manifold so select from 14KT to 18 KT gold metal type to get the ring of the highest quality.

4. Choose Your Colour
The ring colour describes your personality and vibe perfectly. You know exactly what is your partner’s favourite colour and how his/her personality comes out with a particular colour. Generally, diamond rings come in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold colours.

5. Carefully Select the Ring Size
You and your partner are going to wear engagement rings every day. Therefore, choosing the right ring size is important. You can ask the sales executive about the ring size or explore different sizes from Kisna’s online store. If you are trying to surprise your partner, make sure you know their size or ask their family or friends.

We understand that finding a perfect engagement ring for your partner is very important for you. That’s why Kisna has crafted captivating diamond engagement rings that are everlasting just like your love for your partner. We have also made the ring buying process simple. You can find the couple diamond rings with price range of your choice at Kisna’s online store.

Tell us, what are the most important aspects for you to select the engagement ring?

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