5 Diamond Nose Pin Designs That With Entirely Change Your Look

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
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Diamond nose pins are gaining wide popularity nowadays. Various fashionable styles and patterns have emerged due to which they have become a fashion necessity for women. Nose pins are unique fashion jewellery because they are small yet change your look entirely. From traditional to modern looks, they make a perfect fashion statement.

Kisna keeps a close track on which diamond nose pin design is in trend so that you are always on top of your fashion game. Following are the nose pin styles you are about to see everywhere:

1. Septum Nose Rings
These real diamond nose ring designs are rapidly taking over the fashion world due to their bold appearance and dazzling look. As more and more women are trying to express themselves in their own unique way, attractive septum nose rings are going to redefine fashion.

2. Blossom & Star Nose Pins
Elegance never goes out of style. A diamond nose pin design with a radiant blend of blossom and star shape is becoming one of women’s favourite jewellery. It looks sophisticated and glamorous and women are wearing it at festivals as well as for day to day activities.

The diamond shines and improves the glow on your face, imparting pure bliss to your fashion. Kisna diamond nose pin with blossom and star design is one of the most loved nose pins from our customers.

3. Cluster Designed Nose Pins
Women are looking for a nose pin that can go with any occasion and attire. This is why a cluster concept is in huge demand. A cluster of diamonds at the center and a gold plated nose pin is a glamorous fashion statement. Moreover, it is not too flashy so it goes with jeans and a shirt, a kurta and lehenga and a saree. Any jewellery design that is simple and attractive will always become trendy and the cluster is that fashion design.

4. Floral Designed Nose Pins
A flower symbolizes purity and gracefulness and women have always been in love with floral designs. A diamond nose pin in a delicate floral shape is the trend you do not want to miss. Floral nose pins are versatile so they go with any attire and raise the fashion quotient of modern and traditional wear. Kisna has an exotic collection such as Kriti, Marigold and Lotus diamond nose pins to make you go wow.

5. Minimalistic Diamond Nose Ring Designs
Sometimes, less is more. Many women prefer to wear a diamond nose ring that is not too attention-seeking but is still very gorgeous. A single stud diamond nose pin, therefore, is a preferred choice because of its minimalistic beauty. It is becoming extremely popular for office wear, daily household activities and short outings. You can try Kisna’s nose pin designs for minimalistic and glamorous fashion.

Mesmerize everyone with Kisna diamond nose pin designs. We have crafted them with utmost artistic passion and care. Our diamond nose pin price starts from Rs.2800 and you can use different filters for quality and colours to get the exact diamond nose pin of your choice.

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