Busting The Myths About Online Shopping

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
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The summer has been a pivotal month. The pandemic has changed our usual lifestyle and has formed a lifestyle called the ‘new normal’. It has not only made an impact on our personal and social life but also our shopping habits. People are now steadily moving towards e-commerce stores for shopping diamond jewelry online, house furniture, and even houses. Yet, there are still a number of people who are hesitant to indulge in heavy purchases and don’t fully trust shopping online. Some of the concerns are valid, but we have come a long way with the internet-culture.

Let’s dive into understanding the myths about online shopping.

1. Shopping Online is Hectic:
E-commerce stores are not solely operated by the same employees who work at the stores or manufacturing units. A dedicated team focuses on delivering a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience to the customers. On an e-commerce store, you can navigate through all the design options simply by the touch of a finger. You can compare all of them while being in the comfort of your place or on the go. 
Online shopping is time-saving and energy-saving, you can buy office wear rings online during office hours in a minute. And if paid attention to details, it is a big-time money saver. We at Kisna believe in providing transparent and ethical services to our customers.

2. Online Shopping Has Bad Exchange/ Return Policy:
The government has put power in the hands of an online consumer. By creating Laws and Acts to deliver transparency and expected service or items, without causing any trouble to the customer. Online shopping is the new physical store one, where the platform is upgraded every day to give the customers sufficient experience and information to make a decision. 
When you buy a diamond pendant online from Kisna Real Diamond Jewellery, we offer a 30-day easy return policy to all our customers on all of our products. So, that you can shop without any worry!

3. Online Shopping Is Not Secure:
E-commerce stores and the Government are fighting against cybercrime and have made the transaction of money secure. A customer should be alert and careful while giving their debit/ credit card details and enter the details only on official websites and not share it with anyone. 
If such things are taken care of, online shopping is safe and secure. We at Kisna follow a secure government gateway standard which guarantees the protection of our customers from any kind of online theft.

Getting To Know About The Product Is Complex:
With features like zoom in, 360-degree specifications, and lots more, understanding a product is becoming a first-hand experience. There are times, you might feel unsure about a particular product, but the information provided on the website clears out your doubts. We at Kisna, understand this, and thus, on our website, you can know about all the minute details of our real diamond jewelryYou can browse premium quality real diamond jewellery, where we have a quick view option to provide our customers with a fine view of our IGI certified jewellery. We present thorough details of our products to ensure that our customers feel content whilst they buy diamond jewellery online.

We are now living in a future where the internet is playing a major role. Since this is the way forward, shopping online is as good as a physical store. So, sit back in the comfort of your home and shop now from Our online store!

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