Tips For Care & Maintenance For Real Diamond Jewellery

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
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Indulging in the purchase of gold and diamond jewellery such as Fashion Diamond Earrings and more is not just a retail therapy but also one of the best investment decisions. The value of gold and diamond jewellery may fluctuate many a time owing to the changing market dynamics but most of the time it keeps on appreciating in nature. Hence, it is imperative to take good care and manage them in an efficient fashion.

Below mentioned are a few secrets to manage your gold and diamond jewelry:

1. Handle Your Daily Wear Diamond Rings Carefully: The fiery shine and brilliance of diamond rings, bracelets, and bangles get affected due to the grease in your hands whilst cooking or doing some of the other household works. Hence, make sure to keep your favorite gems aside whilst indulging in some greasy activities and tasks.

2. Cleanse Them Regularly: The mixture of a few drops of water and mild dish soap, once a week is a simple yet effective technique to keep your gold and diamond jewellery swanky and sparkling. The aftermath of the process, remove the jewellery from the cleaning solution and use a soft and clean toothbrush and remove any of the remaining dirt. Keep the toothbrush separate for cleaning the jewelry.

3. Keep The Touch Gentle: To clean your antique jewellery such as Tanmaniya Diamond Necklace and more do not use items such as prongs, hard toothbrushes or rough clothes as it can affect the texture and shine of the gems. Along with the soft lint-free cloth, use soft water. No matter what, keep your touch soft and gentle to the core for cleaning your gold and diamond jewellery.

4. Say No To Harmful Solutions: There are quite a few jewellery cleaning solutions available in the market having chlorinated bleaches and abrasives. They proclaim to be the best cleansing agents for gold and diamond jewellery but it is important to note that chemicals such as chlorine can easily damage some of the metals that are used to alloy gold for setting the diamonds. Plus abrasives such as toothpaste or household cleansers scratch gold and other metals making them lose their gleam and sheen.

5. Ultrasonic Cleaners: Many of jewelry lovers opt for ultrasonic cleaners to cleanse their gold and diamond jewellery to remove the encrusted dirt and grease on the diamonds, but it is advisable to use them with caution. The process involves sending sound waves of low frequency through the solution causing vibrating fluid to remove the accumulated grime and dirt particles. But many a time, it can shake loose stones from their carvings and can chip the straps of the diamonds that are carved next to one another.

It is recommended to consult professional jewelery who will easily and efficiently determine the repair and cleaning needs of your gold and diamond jewelry.

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