Rose Gold vs White Gold the Ultimate Colour Buying Guide

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery
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Gold jewellery, a part of our traditions and prosperity that we wear to exhibit the exquisite delicate designs on it. Usually, our ceremonies are incomplete without gold jewellery. When we say gold jewellery for ethnic wear, our mind paints bright yellow jewellery with intricate designs. But what image does your mind paint when we say gold jewellery for everyday wear?

A lot of people have raised this query for casual wear jewellery, they can’t decide what colour of gold jewellery suits their everyday wear wardrobe. To solve this problem, we have listed down the guide to shopping for casual real diamond jewellery according to wardrobe and personality of every woman.

1. Fun Loving: Are you a social and bubbly person who is always surrounded by people in parties and events? Your cheerful and active personality draws everyone’s attention towards you. Style your outfit with a combination of rose gold daily wear diamond pendants and diamond hoop earrings that will match with your vibrant personality. Never worry about wearing too many jewellery, as it will only compliment your character.

2. Classic Lover: Do you spend more time on creating classic fashion than following the trend? Simple yet delicate white gold casual diamond earring and a pendant for everyday wear is your partner in crime. The white jewellery will resonate with your calm and serene persona.

3. Active Lifestyle: Do you choose sneakers over high heels? Life is too short to wear boring clothes. Never leave your house without the rose gold dainty rings and peppy earrings. Your athletic character requires energetic accessories to complement your look. Get a pair of aesthetic casual diamond earrings that will give you another reason to tie your hair.

4. Colour Oriented: Are your shoes matching your handbag? Are you nails matching your outfit? You like things when they are neat and organised. Present yourself with the delicate white gold daily wear diamond pendants and matching diamond ring that is designed to mix elegantly with all kinds of wardrobes.

5. Trendsetter: Do you let your style make a statement for you when you enter the room? Trendsetters explore their abilities and experiment with their resources. Be it a piece of elegant white gold earring or an aesthetic rose gold ring, you will thrive in both the looks. Experimenting is a kick trendsetters live for.

6. Attention To Details: 
Do you always put your best foot forward? You are always moving in life at a full speed and cannot settle. You work hard to achieve all of your goals, even in the aspect of jewellery and fashion, you want to make sure that your choices will be second to none. 
Get your hands on the rose gold fashion diamond pendant that will make you stand out from the crowd and put you and your work in the spotlight.

7. Professional One: Do you wear exquisite jewellery to make a statement? Everyone knows you for your poise and hard work. Style yourself with graceful and refined white gold diamond earrings for office wear to make sure that your work is appreciated and your jewellery leaves a statement in the mind of your colleagues.

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