Tips for Buying Daily Wear Diamond Earrings. Let Us Discuss Them One by One

by Kisna Diamond & Gold Jewellery

Buy Diamond Earring OnlineThere is something about real diamonds- some say they are too precious or too blingy to be worn every day while some believe they are hard to style. If you are in love with diamond jewellery and want to find ways to wear gorgeous diamond ornaments daily, you are in the right place. The experts at Kisna - one of the most trusted diamond jewellery stores in India, have put together this article for you. Here we are debunking the myths revolving around using diamond earrings for daily use.

The first step to making your way to wearing diamonds every day is to choose the right kind of jewellery. There are a few things you can keep in mind while buying daily wear diamond earrings. Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Consider the size
Diamond jewellery holds a sentimental value and it is natural to be attracted to a pair of earrings that have a huge diamond glued to them. But while choosing earrings that you know you will wear every day, it is advisable to go for earring designs that hold a dainty and subtle piece of diamond. Your earrings should be delicate yet bold enough to make a statement when catching the light.

2. Check the quality of the diamonds
When you invest in a pair of casual diamond earrings for daily use, you will want them to retain their shine forever. The clarity, originality and purity of the diamond used in your earring are important in the long run. A real diamond will not lose its shine even if you wear them daily.

3. Power it up
If you play your cards right, you can make the same pair of earrings work for your daytime looks as well as your evening looks. Just use your creativity and fashion style to create a look that allows the earring to blend with both looks.

4. The design is important
The second most important factor after the size of the diamond is the design of your earring. The simpler the design, the more comfortable you will be carrying it daily. Make sure the design does not feel too heavy or uncomfortable. Apart from buying the right kind of jewellery, the other biggest factor that influences people’s decision towards wearing a diamond daily is their way of styling it. The blend of the right kind of outfits, your hairstyle and the other accessories you wear play a vital role in balancing the sparkle of your diamond earrings.

5. Pair them up correctly
It is a known fact that diamonds look great with other gemstones. However, it is also true that diamonds attract enough attention to themselves and you wouldn’t want to pair them up with other sparkly jewels. A modest diamond ring with a dainty and colourful diamond can blend in perfectly with your diamond earring. Avoid wearing too many gemstones, especially in different colours as they can steal the centre of attraction away from your star ornament.

6. Outfits and Hairstyles
Experts share that most diamonds look spectacular with dark coloured outfits. The dark clothes work as a perfect background for them. However, you can try to experiment with different colours and see what works the best with your earring design. Hairstyles can also affect the attention towards the earrings. Choose your hairstyle carefully to highlight your earrings. In our suggestion, a slick-up, back-door any style that holds your hair back can work wonders for your diamond earring.

Should I take off my diamond earrings at night?
If you have chosen diamond earrings for daily use, the design of your earring will be dainty, delicate and light enough that you will forget you have them on. Some people prefer taking their earrings off before going to sleep in the fear of losing them at night. However, the daily wear diamond earrings at Kisna are designed to have secure backs. If you are worried that the soap, water, sweat or chemicals may react with the diamonds and dull their shine, you can invest in real and natural diamonds. A real diamond will not lose its shine even when worn at night or during a shower.

The Bottom Line:
There are no hard rules about wearing diamond earrings. As long as you know how to dress and accessories according to your daily wear diamond earrings, look and feel beautiful in them, there is no reason to refrain yourself from wearing diamonds daily. Indulge in the gorgeousness that diamonds have to offer and add a touch of dazzle to your everyday life.

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