A Valentine’s Day Special - Sparkling Love by KISNA Diamond And Gold Jewellery

by Vijay Yadav

Valentine’s Day, as the world knows it, is all about the expression of love. To celebrate this season of love, KISNA Diamond And Gold Jewellery launches its latest Valentine’s Day collection called ‘Sparkling Love’ which is all about minimalist expressions of love. From time immemorial, gifting is one of the most thoughtful ways of expression and there is nothing better than jewellery as a present, especially when it is exclusively designed for special occasions.

KISNA’s Sparkling Love collection embraces the bond of love with its oh-so-charming designs that reek of elegance, timelessness, and simplicity, creating the sparkle of a lifetime. It is a perfect blend of contemporary and minimalist pieces that will prove to be a great addition to one’s personal jewellery and act as a token of appreciation for your loved ones, making them shine bright like a heera.

Talking about the new Sparkling Love Collection launched in time for Valentine’s Day, Parag Shah, Director, KISNA Diamond & Gold Jewellery said, "KISNA being one of the biggest diamond jewellery brands in India is devoted to simplifying gifting for special occasions. There has been a consistent pattern where customers look out for curated pieces that are exquisite, themed, everyday-wear and a memento. With the Valentine’s Day collection – Sparkling Love, we aim to cater to this growing demand and help customers choose the perfect gift for their loved ones that are trendy and minimalistic in design.”

KISNA’s Valentine’s Day collection – Sparkling Love comprises of:

The Layers of Love Pendant Sets: The heart-shaped pendant sets are truly inspired by the growing bond in love and can complement your partner’s modern and traditional outfits!

Korean Heart: The beautifully jeweled Korean Heart set has a mini heart in a matte finish that flexibly rotates around when touched and this one is sure to be a hit for all K-Drama lovers.

Chain Pendant: For the first time ever at KISNA, the collection comprises of pendants with chains, giving a classic look. Every woman would want a fashion accessory so versatile yet so pretty!

Message Rings: Rings with special messages engraved on them – this is a way to express your feelings and emotions without words, with only love.

Watch Charms: The newest addition to KISNA’s overall collection is an eye-catcher - these charms for watches are good for modern day gifting.

The full Valentine’s Day collection – Sparkling Love can be purchased online on the website and is now available in stores.


Source : https://indianjeweller.in/news/7884205c412107bdfe1dd6d1356c1d56/a-valentine%E2%80%99s-day-special----sparkling-love-by-kisna-diamond-and-gold-jewellery

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